MLM That Works

There has never been a better time to have a home business than now! If it is the right one.

Fact 1- Multilevel Marketing Works
Fact 2 - The Internet is the only global medium that allows people to compete on common ground with corporations and each other.

The Fusion of the Internet and MLM is HERE!

When you combine Network Marketing and Internet Marketing, an amazing new world of opportunities opens up to you!  Now you can make money by networking with your friends and family AND build a truly global business right from the privacy of your own home office!

Fact 3 - Telecommunications is expected to be a 1 TRILLION dollar industry by the year 2002. 
Fact 4 - If you are paying more than 4.5 cents/min for your long distance service, you are paying TOO MUCH!
Fact 5 - If you are not receiving a 6-12% commission on your OWN long distance account, you're giving your money away.

Telecommunications = Residuals

Long Distance has got to be the easiest product to sell that creates a residual income stream for you.  From 1+ long distance, toll free service, dial-around service, calling cards, and international callback - there are a plethora of companies that will pay YOU whenever you introduce a customer or sales agent to their program.  We know of one such company that has been doing this for 8 years now - and has experienced 130% growth year-over-year

Fact 6 - Broadband is here! If you are not receiving a 6-12% commission on your OWN DSL service, you're giving your money away.

The Broadband Revolution

High-speed internet access is one of the fastest growing industries in the world in 2001! We know of a company that will pay YOU just for referring the people you know to sign up for discount DSL and ISP service.  The product sells itself and pays YOU a nice residual income!

1. No Start Up Cost
90% of all people lose money in MLM. Find a company that doesn't charge you money to prove that you are 'serious' and you will be money ahead.

2. No Quotas
The last thing you want is to have to buy something you don't want or need, just for the sake of meeting a quota.  Just say "no'!

3. No Experience Necessary
Any worthwhile program will not require you to be an expert in that field. Learn as you go.

4. Look for Residuals
Find a company that pays you a residual income, month after month.  This money will allow you to grow your business over the long term.

5. The Product
Don't settle for high price items that are difficult to sell.  Make your life easy and find a product that sells itself - based on price and quality.

6. No Paperwork
In the internet age, there is NO reason to not have electronic order fulfillment.  Save the trees!  It's just good for your karma and saves you time - your most valuable natural resource.

7. Go Global
Expand your business to all reaches of the planet by setting up your own web site. You will take orders in your sleep with the right web strategy and implementation.

8. Help!?
Find a program that will not force you to pay money for "Training Kits" or Training Seminars.  Helping you learn the business should be a priority to your upline/MLM organization.

9. Priorities
1. God  2. Family 3. Job 4. Your Network Marketing buiness.  Any MLM that teaches otherwise has its priorities wrong and will eventually wind up in Chapter 11 or worse.

10. Integrity
Do some research on the people "at the top" of the MLM you are interested in.  Ask for references and see if the people running the show are honest in their dealings. A company is only as good as it's management.  The same applies for it's integrity.


Looking for the MLM That Works? Looking for a MLM that is a REAL business?  We don't charge you to sign up, no inventory requirements. You know people and have contacts we don't, together we can build a bigger and more profitable business, using real products and a proven sales plan.

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